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Reline Pipe ?
Can You Reline a Pipe More Than Once?

Pipes can always be relined more than once to repair damage from cracks, leaks, tree roots and other issues. Pipe relining is faster, less invasive and more convenient than traditional pipe replacement. The relining process only takes a day and comes with a 50 year guarantee.

hot water smells rotten eggs
Why your hot water smells like rotten eggs

Noticing a rotten egg smell from your hot taps is a common issue caused by sulfur bacteria in your hot water system. It can be fixed by shock chlorinating the tank or replacing the anode rod.

Relight Gas Water Heater’ Pilot Light
Relight Your Gas Water Heater’s Pilot Light

If your gas water heater pilot light has gone out, you’ll need to relight it for hot water. Simply turn the gas knob off, wait, turn to pilot and repeatedly press the igniter button until a flame appears. Once lit, release the knob and your pilot should stay on.

Hot Water Home?
No Hot Water At Home?

If you suddenly have no hot water, there are several things to check before calling a professional. First ensure your hot water system is turned on and operational. Check that the pilot light is lit if you have a gas system. Make sure water supply valves are open and supply lines are free of leaks.

Top Tips Prevent Blocked Sink Drains
Top Tips to Prevent Blocked Sink Drains

Prevent annoying blocked sink drains with simple tips. Use drain strainers, pour boiling water weekly, limit grease and food disposal. Call us to professionally unclog drains.

Maintain Healthy Drainage System
How to Maintain a Healthy Drainage System

Prevent drain blockages and keep your drainage system operating well by washing pipes weekly with hot water. Using drain cleaners and guards also stops grease buildup. Call Erkine Park Plumbing if you need assistance maintaining healthy drainage.

hot water stop working?
What causes hot water to stop working?

Common reasons for hot water to stop working include tripped circuits, blown fuses, faulty gas valves, leaked pipes or faulty elements. We can diagnose and fix your hot water fast. Call Erkine Park Plumbing on 04XX XXX XXX for same day service.

Fastest Pipe Relining Erkine Park
Fastest Way to Get Pipe Relining in Erkine Park

Discover the quickest pipe relining methods to fix blocked and cracked pipes without excavation. Call our Erkine Park plumbing team on NUMBER for a fast quote to get your pipe relining job done without delays.

’ involved upgrading gas meter
What’s involved in upgrading a gas meter

Upgrading a gas meter is done free of charge by a technician who will disconnect your gas supply for around 15 minutes to complete the meter swap. Learn what’s involved so you know what to expect.

Prevent Clogged Drains Fats & Grease
Prevent Clogged Drains from Fats & Grease

Grease, fats and oils poured down kitchen sinks solidify inside drain pipes, causing clogged drains. Clear clogs with boiling water and prevent future blockages by disposing grease in the trash.

Signs Failing Gas Valve?
What are the Signs of a Failing Gas Valve?

A faulty gas valve in your furnace can cause complete failure to produce heat, gas leaks, flooding, and strange noises during ignition. If you notice any of these signs, call a professional to diagnose and replace the valve before serious damage occurs.

Methods Detect Blocked Drains?
What Methods Detect Blocked Drains?

Blocked drains can be frustrating but professional plumbers have methods to accurately detect issues. This includes CCTV drain cameras that provide a clear view inside pipes to pinpoint blockages. For a fast response call a local plumber now.

Hot Water Heater Failing?
Why Does My Hot Water Heater Keep Failing?

Several issues like a faulty heating element, sediment buildup and corrosion can cause your hot water heater to fail. Understanding the common causes for failure can help you identify problems early and know when professional repair or replacement is needed to restore hot water.

Identify & Resolve Leaks Hot Water System
How To Identify & Resolve Leaks In Your Hot Water System

A leaking hot water system can often be repaired if caught early. Inspect the tank, pipes and valves thoroughly to identify the source of the leak before turning off water and power supplies. Then call a professional plumber to fix your system and avoid damage.

Questions Hiring Gas Fitter
Questions to Ask When Hiring a Gas Fitter

Before hiring a gas fitter, it’s important to ask the right questions to ensure you choose a qualified professional. Check if they are properly licensed and insured, ask about their experience level with your type of job, and find out what kind of warranty they provide on their gas fitting work.

Pipe Relining Inspected Sydney?
How is Pipe Relining Inspected in Sydney?

Before pipe relining can begin, a plumbing inspection camera checks the drainage system to locate any damage or blockages. Our Erkine Park plumbing team then cleans out debris so a custom-fitted liner can be inserted into the pipe to reline it from the inside. Get a repipe quote!

Test Gas Leaks Home
How To Test For Gas Leaks In Your Home

Testing for gas leaks in your home is important. Apply a soap and water solution to gas connections and appliances to check for dangerous leaks. Call a professional plumber immediately if you suspect a leak.

Fast Fixes Poorly Working Plumbing
Fast Fixes for Poorly Working Plumbing

Is your plumbing barely functioning with weak flushing toilets, slow-filling sinks and tubs, clogged drains or leaky pipes? Get quick solutions from Erkine Park’s professional plumbers to improve your home’s plumbing for good water flow and drainage. Call today.

Foreign Objects Causing Blocked Drains Erkine Park
Foreign Objects Causing Blocked Drains in Erkine Park

Flushing incorrect items down your Erkine Park drains leads to clogged pipes, foul odors and flooding. Call Erkine Park Plumbing to clear foreign object blockages with state-of-the-art equipment.

Cooking Oil Grease Blocks Drains
Cooking Oil and Grease Blocks Drains

Cooking oils and fats poured down kitchen sinks cause blockages when they cool and solidify. Prevent drain clogs with proper kitchen habits - dispose oils correctly not down the drain. Unclog blocked drains fast by calling a professional plumber.

tankless water heaters good option?
Are tankless water heaters a good option?

Tankless water heaters provide hot water on demand without the need to store water, making them an energy efficient option. Consider if your home has the gas line capacity and water flow rate to support a tankless heater.

Energy-Efficient Hot Water Systems Benefit ?
How Do Energy-Efficient Hot Water Systems Benefit You?

Upgrading to an energy-efficient hot water system like a heat pump or solar hot water can help your household reduce utility bills. These systems harness renewable energy from the air or sun to heat water instead of relying solely on gas or electricity.

Unclog Drain Fast Effectively
Unclog Any Drain Fast and Effectively

Unclog bathroom, kitchen and tub drains effectively without toxic chemicals. Use boiling water, baking soda, vinegar and plungers to clear clogs naturally.

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